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Is Washing Machine Repair Worth It?

Is Washing Machine Repair Worth It?

Is it worth it to repair your washer? Here’s how you’ll know.

Washing machines are a common part of life; we use them practically every week, if not more often. When something goes awry with the laundry machine, our worlds can quickly go into disarray. What’s worse, washers today are often not inexpensive. You don’t need to buy an entirely new appliance, depending on several factors. Here is when washing machine repair is worth it. 

Washing Machine Age

One condition to consider is the age of your washing machine. The average washer will last to around 11 years. Therefore, if your machine is close to that age, it may be worth getting a new one entirely. The older the machine gets, the more likely you will keep needing repairs for it, in which case it is more cost-effective to buy new rather than keep repairing. Of course, if you have a newer machine that has always been problematic for you, you can get rid of it and use your warranty if its problem is due to a manufacturing defect. This way, you won’t have to pay anything for a replacement.

Can You Do It Yourself?

Age is not the only factor on which to base your need for washing machine repair. You should ultimately figure out what the problem actually is. Even if it is a very old machine, its issue may be so minor that you can order the faulty part and replace it yourself without needing to replace the machine itself. Some repairs that are appropriate for a DIY include replacing the belt, sealing, water valve, pulley, and pump. If the problem is the motor, a professional repairman is absolutely necessary. Do not feel obligated to do it on your own, however. Not everyone is a handyman, and Landers Appliance is happy to serve. Even so, it may save you time and money by figuring out the issue first before calling the repairman over.

Cost of the Repair

Whether the project is DIY or professional, you’ll also need to consider how the washing machine repair cost compares to the price of a new appliance. A good rule of thumb is 50%. If the repair costs more than 50% of the cost of a new machine, it is better to get a new machine.

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